Thursday, 30 August 2012

The secret ingredient

Many thanks to Ms Haribo for her blog on getting your partner to be more healthy, I've witnessed her perseverance in this matter and it has ultimately made her boyfriend a healthier person so power to her.

Even if your partner is a real pie and chips man, remembering the old adage that the route to a man's heart is through his stomach will serve you well.

In my experience most men will eat whatever you serve them as long as it's edible so serving up healthy food when it's your turn to cook will already be doing them a favour. But the key to a full health conversion is to serve up healthy food that actually tastes good and will have them asking you to serve it again.

Whoever you're cooking for, even just yourself, having a repertoire of healthy easy recipes will keep you healthy and happy, no one should have to eat food that doesn't taste good.

I'm no great chef and probably have as many misses in the kitchen as hits, but you can benefit from my experimentation as I only post recipes that taste good and are also good for you on my recipe page (plus if I can make them anyone can).

Hot doc is also a keen recipe tester so I'll add more recipes as he finds good ones. Happy cooking!

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