Thursday, 9 August 2012

Passing the baton

With three days to go on my food challenge I'm almost up to 80 foods so I think I'll make 100 easily.

I haven't eaten hugely differently to usual, I've just done less recycling - so not having dinner leftovers for lunch. It's required a bit more cooking, but not a lot, and has generally left me more satisfied with my meals as they've all been different. In particular I've had a different breakfast everyday which is pretty unusual for me, but definitely a habit I'll try and keep up.

I'm not sure I can be bothered to keep up the counting though, instead I'm going to set myself a new challenge of not buying the same food two shops in a row. By forcing myself to buy different foods my diet will naturally stay more varied and make me try some new recipes and expand my cooking repertoire.

Next week I'm passing the blogging baton to the very capable Ms Hairbo for some more Olympics inspired blogging and a welcome break from me! Enjoy!

Ps Today's food additions for those who are interested:
Chopped dates
Dark chocolate (yum!)
Rice crackers
Curry leaves
Organic chicken
Green chilli
Agave syrup
Organic eggs
Basil tofu

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