Monday, 13 August 2012

Miss Haribo's perfect ten

Miss Haribo again

I may be showing my age but my brother and I played Daley Thompson’s Supertest so much on the spectrum when we were  kids that we wore out the keyboard. I’ve loved seeing Daley and his moustache around this Olympics. So this decathlon workout is for him. (That and I couldn’t get the heptathlon to divide neatly into two).

Day 1
Day 2
Day 1 is below. Day 1 is all about getting power in your legs. These really help not just with your ability to jump (which I need for parkour) but you’ll notice your every day running speed increasing. Plus strengthening those calves helps with injury.

Day 1:

Warm up with a gentle jog for five minutes.

100 metres – sprints. Time for some “over distance running”: Sprint 200 metres *4 with a two minute cool down inbetween each one. 90% of maximum effort
Repeat this section three times one minute for each exercise:
Long jump – Box blasts: Step with one foot onto a step. Push down on your foot and jump up, bend your oter knee up at the same time, land. Keep repeating for 30 seconds then switch sides.
Shot put -  Crazy Ivans  (Sitting on the mat. take the medicine ball from your right side, and then lift it straight up over your head until your arms are straight, then back down. Switch to the other side halfway through   ) or chest push
High jump –  Calf raises. Stand on the floor and rise up using only your calf muscles. Four sets of ten repetitions. If you want add weights. Or lengthen the repetitions.

Then to finish
400 metres – Sprint 400 metres * 4. 80% effort. Two minutes at base pace inbetween each one.

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