Sunday, 5 August 2012

First one to 100 wins...

‪One goal of this blog is to bring you healthy ideas in easy to read bite size chunks.

However sometimes it's worth the time to read something a bit longer when it's really worthwhile. I'd apply that definition 100 percent to this article written about how to make decisions about nutrition and food in the face of endless fads and extreme news coverage. Many thanks to Ms Haribo for suggesting it. 

It's really worth a read but for those of you who can't be bothered here's one tip from the article that I liked and will be trying to put into practice myself: ‬

'Rule for a balanced diet: try to eat a hundred different ingredients every week. That was her only philosophy. Carrots, cashews, cilantro, black pepper, goat cheese, salmon, Brussels sprouts, olive oil, flax seeds, brown rice – it's been ten already. Broccoli, eggs, millet, quinoa, mint, apples, raisins, sesame oil, black beans, red cabbage – another ten. If you open your mind and enjoy cooking, it actually goes faster than you think. The great thing about such a precept (or shall we say, lifestyle), is that it makes you try new types of food; as it turns out, you get to know a lot of different veggies; when you do try a new type of food, more often than not you'll be trying a new recipe, which means you'll actually be cooking, which means you'll be eating less preservatives and less processed foods; most importantly, whatever you eat, you won't overeat it; even the stuff which is considered nasty under some circumstances might end up bringing some benefits if used in reasonable amount.‬'

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