Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A healthy check

I'm fortunately not a one man operation in my crusade to spread the word on healthy eating and there are some pretty high profile nutritionists out there doing a far better job than me.

One of these is Ian Marber who setup The Food Doctor company to provide health advice through nutritionists and public information and through selling health foods.

I'm a fan of his books and also snacks, enjoying the dried bean mix and the fruit based snack bars.

Whilst browsing the food doctor website recently, I came across this nice ten point approach he's laid out for healthy eating.

I've summarised it below, but you can read it in full at:

Proper nutritional advice is not some fad diet that you can easily consolidate into a paragraph but this is actually pretty comprehensive - so if you're looking for a checklist to keep yourselves on track then stick this on your fridge, on your pc or save it into your phone as a good reminder to keep you on the straight and narrow.

1 combine food (eat protein and carbs together in all meals)
2 stay hydrated (drink water and herbal teas throughout the day)
3 mix and match - (eat a variety of foods)
4 eat little and often - (have smaller meals with snacks to balance your blood sugar rather than gorging on large meals)
5 start smart - (start the day with wholgrains and fruit with eggs, seeds or yoghurt for protein)
6 cut it out - (avoid sugar)
7 act now - (stay active and keep your activity varied)
8, 80:20 - (eat healthily 80percent of the time and indulge for 20percent, but if you're naughty go for good quality homemade treats rather than processed junk.
9 stop and eat - (make time to eat and don't multi task whilst you're eating - I really struggle with this one)
10 love fat - (the good stuff, oily fish nuts and seeds)

Everyone reading this in the UK, enjoy your day off on Monday, I'll be back on Tuesday.

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