Thursday, 16 August 2012

Miss Haribo joins the Olympians

Miss Haribo again, 

One set of games may be over but that doesn't mean that the Olympians disappear only to emerge again perfectly formed in 4 years time. They still have their other competition circuits to do, but more relevant for me....we can join them....

Jessica Ennis still runs with her local running club!

Mo Farah runs (and wins) the Bupa 10K every year. For the past few years now I watched Mo Farah stride up the embankment with a huge smile on his face, running like it's easy while I'm 7km behind him running the other way down the embankment.  Anyone can enter the Bupa 10K. It's fantastically organised and an awesome route.

In October "Queen" Victoria Pendleton will be doing her best to try and beat me in a 80km (or 40km) bike ride. Sorry boys, these are women only (although support will be very welcome). There are a number of Cycletta events all round the country, taking in some beautiful scenery. It's a nice alternative to endurance running too, especially as running puts a lot of impact on the body. Plus unlike the marathon you don't have to train in February when it's cold! 

Obviously I'm never going to come close to winning any of the races I enter but I can still enjoy the feeling of trying to do my best, challenging myself and feeling the support from the cheering crowds.

Miss Haribo

Ps. I would like to point out that the Olympics aren't over. The Paralympics are coming in September, which are going to be fantastic. But I also think it's useful to remember sometimes to be thankful for the bodies we have got rather than focusing on what we want to improve. I know I'm lucky to be able to do what I do, and there are many people out there who cannot. (Yes Miss Haribo's Olympic sapometer has gone through the roof.)

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