Sunday, 2 September 2012

Mood music

Watching the paralympics on Saturday was pretty inspiring and made me feel pretty unfit having had a busy gym free week.  During the buildup to Saturday nights athletics events they showed clips in the stadium of interviews with the athletes saying how they prepared for the event - as with the Olympians music features fairly high on the pre-race must haves.

Music is a pretty universal motivator ... I have a couple of tracks on my ipod that I just can't help but dance too and some others that just make me really want to go for it on the rowing machine.  Clement Marfo's Champion is my current Rocky style pre-gym motivator.

Even if you're not trying to psyche yourself up for a major gym session, music can be a wonderful mood lifter and give you a boost when you're flagging.  Ipods should be a handbag essential ... 2 minutes after a bad day can get you into a totally new mood and negate the need to take a spoon to the Ben & Jerrys!

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