Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The price of wisdom

I'm probably one of the few people who is quite happy to go to the dentist. Mainly because they always say nice things about my teeth and never have to do anything.

Lately a few of my friends have had to have their wisdom teeth extracted - a painful process necessary due to our evolution to smaller mouths but without having less teeth. My dentist assured me that due to the size of my mouth my wisdom teeth have plenty of room but this isn't the norm.

So it turns out I have an unusually large mouth! But at least I don't have to go through the process of having them removed.

But for anyone who does here are the tips I gave my friends on speeding up the post extraction recovery process.

Vitamin C and vitamin E are the most important vitamins for healing the delicate epithelial cells that line your mouth. Infact Vitamin C can be absorbed directly into the cells in your mouth, although the citric acid in fruit can be painful on damaged cells so a soluble supplement is best immediately post extraction.

Swelling is likely and opening your mouth can be painful after extraction so eating through a straw is easiest. Fruit smoothies and soups are therefore order of the day and a good source off vitamin C. Blend in some avocado, chopped nuts and seeds for some extra vitamin E. Nuts are also rich in selenium and zinc, both involved in the healing process.

Essential fats are also in order to help reduce inflammation. If you can't eat some liquid Eskimo Fish oil is an easy way to top up.

Rest is a must following any invasive procedure, your immune cells need energy to function so don't expend it being too active, or being stressed at work, just chill at home. A good gauge of when you're recovered is whether or not you feel like you could do some exercise.

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