Sunday, 12 August 2012

Miss Haribo goes for gold!

Miss Haribo here,

I've been pretty inspired by the Olympics (thank you provider of men in tight shorts on TV). So I thought I'd high jump onto the band wagon and do some olympics related blogs.

Last week I had an amazing night. I went to a Q and A session with Paula Radcliffe and Carl Lewis as part of a tribute to Paula Radcliffe. The two of them were both pretty fabulous, incredibly intelligent and surprisingly witty. Paula was exceptionally lovely. Watching Carl Lewis clearly admire Paula's body and tell her about it as she came on was a hilarious highlight.

It was also amazing to see Carl Lewis give practical advice to an aspiring long jumper; Carl gave him some things to work on and I could just picture the poor guy trying to tell his coach that "Carl Lewis told him his training was wrong".

They talked a lot about what it was like to experience the Olympics both on the inside and the outside. But the big takeaway was when Paula was  talking about cross country running. She said that after she 'only' came second in her first cross country race her father took her out running and up a hill and said thathe was going to teach her to run off hills. Her father said that everyone always likes to relax because they've made it to the top and think they can rest, but if you keep going off that hill then you can get ahead of the rest of that bunched up field.

Apart from the obvious life metaphor what interested me the most was that she said that she used that lesson several years later to win the junior cross country. It's just a little lesson, but it stayed with her forever and got her to the top. One of the great things about Emilie's approach to nutrition and health is that it's only small changes to make, they make a big difference and you can keep them for life.

Miss Haribo

ps. Paula was a total inspiration and such a good reminder of how important the mental aspect of training is. I'm dedicating my runs (such as they are to her as part of nike's #legendsrunforever campaign).

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