Sunday, 19 August 2012

Organically better

Firstly and most importantly a major thank you to Ms Haribo for her awesome blogs last week ... they made me feel pretty lazy and also pretty inspired! I think I may be out of a job!

So onto this week ... now I (like I'm sure alot of people) like to be right, and I don't like being corrected, especially when it comes to food.  So when hot doc suggested that buying organic food may be a waste of money I needed to prove him wrong.

Now I know organic food is better for health, but hot doc wasn't going to take my word for it.  Fortunately for me I coincidentally came across this article on organic tomatoes and why they are better for you

It turns out that spraying regular fruit and veg with loads of pesticides doesn't just mean that you'll end up eating lots of nasty chemicals that your body shouldn't be exposed to, but the fact that the fruit and veg are protected from insects by these nasty chemicals means that they don't have to put in the effort to make all the antioxidants that protect them from these bugs.  The result is that fruit and veg grown non-organically have less antioxidant vitamins in them, which are the cancer fighting compounds that make them so good for us.  More bad stuff, less good stuff, it's a no brainer for me!

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