Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Miss Haribo podiums

Miss Haribo here,

Ready for decathlon part 2? This should tone and work your entire body.

Day 1
Day 2

Warm up for about five minutes with a gentle run

Hurdles: I’ve stolen this from Perri Shakes Drayton’s workout for Nike training club
1)Alternating froggers for one minute (basically put yourself into a plank position, jump one leg to the front and outside your hands, then jump it back, jump the other leg to the front)
2)Single leg hops for one minute
3) Slow mountain climbers for one minute . Push up position, bring one knee up towards your chest in between your arms, contracting through your abs. Bring your leg bag. Repeat one the other side.
Repeat * 3.

Discus throw:
4) Forearm plank. 1 minute.
5) Stand on one leg for 30 seconds. And then swap. If it’s easy....keep your eyes shut.  

Pole vault:
6) Situps 1 minute.
7) Reverse crunches 1 minute
8) Hill runs: run for two minutes at a slow comfortable pace: 45 seconds at each of the following
4%,5%,6.5%, 7%  Recover at 2% for two minutes. Repeat.
I’d do this three times.

Javelin throw:
9)Power cleans. As taken from the livestrong site: “Stand with your feet hip-width apart and a barbell at your feet. Bend down and grasp the barbell with an overhand grip and your hands just slightly outside of your legs. Keep your arms straight, lift your chest, drop your hips and make sure your lower back is not rounded. From this "get set" position, drive with your legs to lift the bar off of the floor. As the bar approaches hip level, pull with your arms and heave the bar up toward your shoulders. As the bar comes up, rotate your hands so you catch the bar at shoulder level with your elbows below and forwards of your hands. Turn your hands over and roll the bar down your body to your hips and then bend forward to lower it to the ground before repeating.”
10) Wood chops: get a weight or kettlebell. Stand with your legs apart bring the kettle bell over your head and try to wham it down to about knee height (not on your knees), and then lift it up again. 
1500 metres:
You’re probably pretty tired by now. So test your endurance.
Run 10 minutes at a 80% pace. But: every 30 seconds add between 0.2 and 0.3km/hr to your speed.

Collect gold medal.

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