Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Olympic overdose

A lot of city jobs involve looking at a screen all day, something that most of us will attest is pretty tiring.

And it's not just tiring on the eyes - using or watching any lit screen is stimulating to the nervous system and therefore can induce a stress response. Therefore going home and unwinding in front of a tv or logging onto facebook is not a good antidote to a day staring at a computer screen.

I'm not someone who usually watches a lot of tv, especially during the day, but I have to admit I've become swept up in the Olympics and consequently have had the tv on most evenings and a fair amount of time on the weekend.

Obviously this is not the stuff of a double-blind placebo controlled study, but I've definitely noticed I've had less energy since watching more television.

We all need a screen free day every week as an antidote to our over stimulating lives, to recharge, de stress and also to break the screen habit.

As with all over indulgences I'm going to get myself back on the straight and narrow with a tv detox once the olympics are over. Instead I'll use the time for reading, going to the gym, catching up with friends and taking up some new outdoors habits, all of which will make me feel energised rather than drained.

ps today's additions to my food list for my 100 foods in a week challenge are:
Quinoa flakes
Rice milk
Rice bran
Chopped brazil nuts
Vanilla essence
Blackstrap molasses
Sesame oil
Pak choi
Poppy seeds
Flagolet beans
New potatoes
Risotto rice

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