Thursday, 29 November 2012

Top of the podge

Please excuse yet another link this evening but this one just had to be shared.

It comes from Here is the City my source of daily banking gossip, sadly these days mainly redundancy news and leaked depressing internal memos.

So I was very surprised to find something health related on there today. I'll let the article do the talking (it's mainly pictures so easy reading for friday morning), but the key question coming out of it is why are South East Asians so much less likely to be obese than we are.

The answer is a simple one and is also the answer to lower cancer rates, less heart disease and general longevity:

Eat a diet that is virtually gluten free, virtually dairy free and high in vegetable content, including veggies with your breakfast. Protein sources are mainly eggs, fish and sea food and food is steamed, poached, grilled or shallow fried with lots of fresh spices and herbs added for flavour.

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