Monday, 19 November 2012

Am I mad?

No you don't need to answer that ... but I have to ask myself the question having just spent £250 on supplements.

Ok so it was for three months worth, but still this is a fair chunk of cash and to put it in my usual currency, would buy me a pretty fabulous pair of shoes.

So why would I prioritize forking out for supplements rather than spending the money shopping, or treating myself in some other way?

Well for me supplements are a key investment in my health pension. Not only do they keep me healthy and well when my lifestyle can't always be as healthy as I'd like, but these are also a way of protecting myself from the development of symptoms and diseases that might not materialise for several years.

As an illustration, a heart attack generally occurs 10 years after narrowing of the arteries has begun. Unfortunately the NHS isn't able to provide systematic testing at a level to detect this, so if your doctor picks up that you have heart disease you have probably already clocked up at least five years of heart disease.

At a much shallower level this is also an investment in anti-ageing and will hopefully pay for itself in delaying the age at which I feel compelled to start having botox!

The key point is that you don't want to look back in ten years and wish that you'd invested paid more attention to your health, it's much harder to undo the damage than it is to prevent it.

I know I'm pretty extreme in my supplement taking, but you don't have to be to make a difference. A good quality multivitamin like Biocare's One a Day Plus will set you back less than £100 a year, a small but worthwhile investment.

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