Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Land lubbers

Last weekend I went to visit the Cutty Sark which has been beautifully restored following the terrible that gutted it.

It's definitely worth a visit, particularly as you can walk all round the boat, even underneath it. The exhibit is more interactive than usual without lots of cabinets to look in and boards to read. One thing that caught my eye wandering around was a keg of lime juice that the sailors drank to stave off scurvy during the 90+days they were spending at sea.

Having had scurvy myself as a child (seriously!) I know why that keg of lime juice was vital for the trip. Easily absorbed, lemon and lime juices are a super easy way to top up your vitamin C. This is a particularly good idea as we enter the winter months with more infections around for us to fight off and less inclination to eat raw fruit and veg.

I usually mix lime juice with some cherry active as a pre-breakfast drink, but you can add lemon or lime juice to any fruit or veg juice. Lemon juice can also be squeezed over salads, casseroles, fish or rice dishes.

Leon helpfully provide a wedge of lemon with a lot of their hot dishes and their lemonade is a delicious and lazy way to get a vitamin C shot.

For a nice warming breakfast drink add the juice of half a lemon to hot water with a teaspoon of manuka honey to sweeten it up and add some extra antimicrobial power.

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