Sunday, 11 November 2012


Today I enjoyed a day as close as possible I imagine to a day on the island of Ikaria that I blogged on last week. Without any appointments in the diary or any particular things to get done I enjoyed a lie in, ate whenever I was hungry, which was some fairly random times, enjoyed a leisurely trip to the gym, some reading in the sunshine, took some time to cook a proper dinner and had a nap on the sofa!

Without looking at my watch or trying to meet any deadlines the day actually felt much longer than usual and somehow I'm now ready for bed much earlier than usual and am going to bed when I feel tired, rather than when I think I should.  I appreciate, I'm lucky in being able to take a full day off like this, but even for those of you with kids it should be possible to at least have one sunday a month where you don't let the clock determine what you're doing.

Without clock watching you are more likely to listen to your bodies natural rhythms and energy levels and behave in a much more natural way. Whilst this isn't something we can do during the week, it's definitely worth taking the opportunity on the weekend as a way to totally unwind and either rest or work out, depending on what your body is asking for.

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