Monday, 26 November 2012

Time to get strict

With my recent desire to cosy up on the sofa in the evening with some comfort food I've fallen back into a couple of bad habits. Firstly eating in front of the tv, particularly because hot doc has been away so I have a tendency to just put on the tv for some background noise whilst I'm cooking and then eating. The second is eating on the sofa, not main meals but definitely snacks of pudding have been eaten on the sofa in front of the tv .. oh dear.

This might not seem like a bad thing to everyone but health wise it isn't good. Eating in front of the tv means you nervous system has sensory overload, this stops you being able to tell when you are full meaning you'll always over-eat in front of the tv, and it also means your body isn't fully relaxed and so your digestive system may not work as well as it should.

Worse still if you are eating on the sofa, rather than at a table, your abs will probably be engaged to some degree whilst you're eating and this crunching action will also impair your digestion.

The end result of both is usually over-eating and poor digestion of your evening meal which can lead to bloating and disrupted sleep, and in the longer term digestive issues.

As with all bad habits it's best to nip it in the bud as soon as you notice it creeping in, so from tomorrow I'm imposing a ban on myself of no eating infront of the television. If I'm eating I have to be sat down at a table, and if I'm watching tv I can't be eating.  If this is something you also do regularly I invite you to join me for a week in not mixing the two and hopefully you'll see some benefits by the end of the week.

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