Thursday, 15 November 2012

The blame game

Hot doc is a masterchef addict and thoroughly enjoys watching the highly stressed competitors stress over creating a perfect lobster bisque. Personally it's not my bag - I find watching people mess-up on television pretty stressful which is why you also won't catch me watching The Apprentice and other similar shows.

But something that I do notice when I'm subjected to this viewing (our kitchen, lounge and dining room is all one room so it's hard to avoid), is that everyone always makes excuses for their poor performance or blames someone else for their failure rather than taking responsibility.

Anyone who's worked in the city will at some point have been on the end of some buck passing. When things go wrong everyone jumps to blame someone else rather than put their hands up and admit their failings.

I fear that this culture of making excuses rather than taking action has become fairly insidious and seems to be a fairly common reaction to anything negative that happens to us.

When it comes to health, taking responsibility for our own actions is essential in keeping us on the right path. We all continually make choices about what to eat or not eat, what to do or not do.

Whilst there are some things we can't control health wise, when faced with ill health we can choose to take action or choose not to take responsibility and just wallow.

So next time you find yourself complaining about your health or weight or blaming something or someone else ask yourself what action you can take? Should you make yourself a doctors appointment to check out your symptoms, do you need to change your diet, can you get some help to quit smoking, should you put down the chocolate bar and get down the gym?

Once you start thinking this way you'll find you're taking healthy steps all over the place, and ultimately might find you no longer have anything to complain about!

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