Sunday, 25 November 2012

Losing your sweet tooth

I think that most people are their own harshest critics and, whilst by average standards I eat extremely healthily, I still regularly reprimand myself for not eating or living as healthily as is possible.

But it's important to remind myself how different my diet is from 10 years ago and I got such a reminder on Friday when I accidentally bought some flavoured vanilla soya yoghurt on the way home instead of the plain unsweetened variety I usually have. At the first mouthful I was surprised how sweet it was and after eating a portion realised that taste wase I'd rather have had the unsweetened variety, which I usually have with fruit.

It just reminded me how much my tastes have changed through changing my diet. I used to eat refined sugar every day, now I avoid it as much as possible and naturally lean towards healthier foods.

This is why, whilst sugar can be one of the hardest foods to give up, it is worth persevering and gradually weaning yourself off it. As you eat less and less artificially sweetened foods your taste buds will become more sensitive to the natural sweetness in food. Consequently you'll start to appreciate more subtle natural flavours and find your sweet tooth easily satisfied with a piece of fruit, whilst some milk chocolate or sugary dessert may end up tasting too sweet and so not be so appealing.

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