Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thank goodness for the gym

As I write this the wind is howling outside and I feel like I just want to stay indoors for the next few months until spring arrives!  Of course we will have some nice clear sunny days between now and then,  but I have to admit that whilst I love the great outdoors I also really like to be warm so it takes alot of motivation for me to get outside over the winter.

Thankfully the gym is still nice and warm, so whilst I don't feel like doing any running or cycling outside I still have somewhere I can go and work out without wearing loads of layers. Whilst it's dark and cold outside I can take refuge in the gym and watch trashy tv whilst I burn off a few mince pies, infact it's actually one of the few activities that I can still enjoy whilst the weather is miserable.  Even if you're not a gym person, give it a go, you might find that watching E4 makes the time go quicker, or discover the joys of a nice warm sauna at the end of the session.

Exercising through the winter keeps your metabolism up, keeps you feeling warm and helps your immune system work properly.  If you give up on exercise altogether you'll feel colder and more tired and be more likely to catch some bugs. If work is quieter over December try and fit in a half hour lunchtime workout, or even if you've got evening drinks, join them an hour later and go for an indoor run first.  It may be tempting to hibernate over a winter like a doormouse but a couple of gym sessions a week will do you alot of good and give you a free pass to then come home and crash out on the sofa.

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