Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Breakfast baloney

I'm not usually the one to come home and crash infront of the tv but this evening if was all I was good for. Inbetween watching Love Actually I got to see the usual ridiculous advertising that we are subjected to.

As usual there wasn't anything healthy being advertised, although there was some unhealthy food disguised as healthy food. Prime culprit was the Nutri-Grain breakfast bars - cereal and milk combined into a biscuit. These are basically biscuits, flour, sugar, vegetable oil.  They have added some vitamins for good measure and to be fair they have used some oat flour to up the fibre content, but it still contains more fat than fibre.

Pretty much most manufactured cereals and breakfast products are primarily made of refined wheat with sugar and you're much better off with a breakfast of a no sugar muesli (such as Dorset cereals or Alara or Neals Yard) or whole oat porridge with lots of nice nuts and dried fruit to add flavour and crunch.  It'll keep you full til lunch instead of sending you off on a sugary biscuit fuelled blood sugar rollercoaster! 

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