Monday, 3 September 2012

Beautiful burritos

Those of you who can eat happily eat gluten are such lucky people - hot buttered toast, pizza, fresh baguette, cake ... you can eat all the tastiest foods.

Sadly I am not so lucky, and neither are a good deal of you. Modern wheat has been developed to be very high in gluten which is a gut irritant for most people to varying degrees. As a consequence it can leave a lot of people with aggravated intestines, fatigue and water retention.

I can tell alot more people are obviously getting clued into this and turning gluten free from the number of different brands of gluten free products in the shops. I now enjoy toast (waitrose seeded load), sandwich rolls (tesco brown), pasta (doves farm or asda) and pita breads (sainsburys) without pining for the originals (although I'm yet to find an authentic tasting french baguette).

However something that's been missing for me is the tortilla wrap. I used to love eating wraps, either instead of sarnies or as fajitas or burritos, but to this day I haven't seen a shop selling plain corn tortillas. Interestingly in Mexico the plain corn tortilla is ubiquitous, but here we like our tortillas super soft and stretchy and this requires gluten.

The good news is that trough the wonderful power of the internet I have tracked down some 100per cent corn tortillas from who handily will send them to your door. You have to order fairly large quantities but they are ridiculously cheap and are best fresh but were ok frozen and then defrosted.

For me this is a happy milestone ... I look forward to the day when I can walk into Wahaca and order a gluten free Burrito :-)

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