Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bienvenue a l'Angleterre

According to all the papers a French invasion will shortly be upon us as the richer echelons of French society take refuge from the 75 per cent tax rate.

And fair dues to them ... if I was a multi-millionaire I wouldn't want to have to pay £750,000 out of every million to the tax payer (oh to be in that position)!

Plus it's good for Britain, if they move here they'll be lining our tax coffers instead, bravo!

But there may be other benefits of this invasion. The french have extremely high standards when it comes to food, both what they buy in the supermarkets and the standard when they eat out. So if they invade London then they may bring their high standards with them. Certainly we can hope for some new french restaurants, cafes, bakeries, patisseries and fromageries.

Whilst these will mostly supply foods that for me are savoured as occasional treats you can guarantee they'll be of the highest quality, are made with the freshest produce and taste delicious to boot. Who wouldn't welcome that!

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