Sunday, 9 September 2012


I hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend. Unfortunately I fear that may be the end of summer (if we actually had one) and there was definite chill in the air this evening, which left me fancying soup for supper for the first time in months.

Soups are a wonderful way of getting some veg into your diet whilst eating something warm and comforting. They are also a great way to up the veg and fibre quotient of your nearest and dearest, most people will eat a bowl of soup as a started if you put it in front of them.

Hot doc whizzes up veggie soups at home and freezes them in portions - I am however not so adept in the kitchen and most of my past attempts have turned out somewhat bland, I'm also fairly lazy in the kitchen and like food that can be ready in minutes.

Frustratingly most supermarket soup brands, including Covent Garden, add sugar, dairy or wheat to pretty much every variety ruling them off my shopping list.

However M&S is much better and it's Green Soup and Spicy Lentil soup are both free of all three and any other nasties and taste good to boot. Served with one of their wheat free rolls they make a nice lunch or light supper with almost zero effort. Just the thing for a chilly September evening.

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