Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bite size

The ability to multi-task is a pretty standard requirement in job specs these days as the way we work requires jumping between tasks and constantly re-prioritizing.

Once we get home we're then juggling chores, family, paperwork .. I'm writing this blog whilst listening to the rolling stones on my ipod and walking through bank tube station (note to self must re-read the power of now!)

I have a theory that as a result a lot of us have lost our powers of concentration and usually end up prioritizing the smaller/quicker tasks over the ones that will take a concerted effort.

Extending this to health, setting really achievable mini tasks will make you so much more likely to tick them off the list. For example committing to a full on detox feels like a big effort as is doing the pre-requisite fridge stocking. However buying an extra piece of fruit when you buy your lunch to have as your afternoon snack instead of a chocolate bar is pretty negligible in the effort stakes.

Here are a few more bite size tasks you can easily tick off the list:

Buy a 1.5litre bottle of water whilst you buy your brekkie, keep it on your desk, you'll drink it if you see it

Always buy some fresh fruit or veg when you're in the supermarket, you'll eat it rather than wasting it and it'll crowd out other not so good foods

When chopping veg for dinner chop some extra to nibble on whilst you wait for your meal to cook, or pack as a snack for work the next day.

Another one for whilst you cook -
dress some salad with olive oil and balsamic and eat it as an appetizer.

Always order an extra side of veg when ordering your main course in a restaurant.

Always ask for a glass of water when someone offers you a drink, ask for alcohol too if you want but this will help you pace yourself and you won't have to carry it back from the bar!

Keep a shopping list in your phone of health foods you can't get at the supermarket, then if you find yourself passing a health food store you can pop in and quickly stock up.

Jog to the corner shop for your weekend paper - you were going anyway, this will make it quicker and get your heart rate up.

Take the stairs for just one escalator in the tube on your way into work, or walk just one flight of stairs at work.

Do 10 situps whenever you watch tv, everyone can manage 10.

Hold one yoga pose for five breaths before you go to bed.

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