Monday, 24 September 2012

Your secret weapon in the kitchen

I definitely go through phases where I'm super enthusiastic about food and go and raid the supermarket for ingredients and spend the evening chopping and cooking but for some reason I'm feeling rather uninspired in the kitchen at the moment and lazy about cooking properly.

Luckily I have hot doc to step in when i'm feeling uninspired and last night he served up this lovely moroccan chicken stew.

It turns out that the bbc good food website is his secret weapon in the kitchen providing a wealth of easy recipes and he's actually impressed me with quite a few recipes from the site.  They also get rated so if you only choose to cook the ones that are 4 or more stars and rated as 'easy' then you're onto a pretty good thing.

They have loads of different selections, including a section of low GI recipes, veggie recipes and recipes for people with intolerances, am pretty sure that even I can find something on there to inspire me!

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