Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Why we're not all stick thin!

Logging onto yahoo this evening to check my emails I saw an article entitled 'Top 10 reasons why you're not losing weight'.  I clicked on it expecting to read the usual media clap trap recommending a super low fat or low calorie diet, and was surprised to find a very sensible article.

Read it for yourself here but let me summarize for those of you who don't have time:

1 - You overcompensate for exercise ... you do a big spinning class so you reward yourself with a big dinner with a chocolate pudding
2 - You’re not getting enough sleep ... you burn the candle at both ends and think you're getting away from it
3 - You’re drinking too many sugary drinks ... surely iced tea or your gingerbread latte are virtually calorie free
4 - You’re eating large portions - it's lowfat so you can eat the same volume as a professional rugby player
5 - You’re eating too little - you're following the latest 900 cal celebrity diet and can't work out why you're not losing the pounds
6 - You’re not consistent - diet one day, but fall off the wagon and binge the next
7 - You don’t vary your workouts - why your 80s aerobics workout is no longer doing for it
8 - You don’t need to lose weight - alot of us are probably a naturally healthy weight - it's just the pictures of stick thin celebs that make us feel that we need to lose weight
9 - Your weight isn't a true reflection of body fat - muscle weighs alot more than fat, so you can get heavier and less fat at the same time - it's fairly usual if you start exercising more and eating more healthily to stay the same weight but reduce your body fat 
10 - You have a medical condition - hypothyroidism, hormone imbalances and adrenal fatigue are all common barriers to weight loss

These are infact all valid points that I want to cover in more detail in some future blogs, particularly points 8 and 9 - our perception of the weight we should be is very warped, and our focus on weight and BMI also is not necessarily a true measure of our fat levels or our health.

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