Thursday, 24 May 2012

Super zen dog

This evening I had the pleasure of the company of both Ms Haribo and Zen dog for some girly gossip.

Unfortunately most of the conversation is not suitable material for the blog, not that you wouldn't find it entertaining!

However something that we did talk about was Zen Dog's recent ten day silent meditation retreat. A silent retreat is something I should definitely do at some point, but something that would definitely pose a challenge for me!

Zen dog's silent retreat was a pretty challenging one. For ten days you wake up at 4am, meditate for 8 hours a day, don't talk to anyone, don't read anything, eat only two meals a day and have no meat products, fish, caffeine, sugar, wheat, dairy - basically just eat very healthy vegan food.

Sounds a bit crazy, but it gives you such a break from city living - it's the total antidote - pure diet and total brain detox. Interestingly zen dog, who is a pretty healthy soul, still experienced quite dramatic detox effects and took 6 days to come through the fog.

This just shows how much we all do need to detox, even us healthy ones. We store so much of the rubbish we're exposed to, but it's not til we give our body a proper break that we can we process it all and realise how much toxic junk we're storing ... it's making me think it's time for a detox!

For more details on the retreat visit

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