Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A diet too far

As a mailonline reader Ms Haribo is not just a brilliant source of celebrity gossip but also keeps me up to date on the latest diet fad.

Well this one that she sent me is the most extreme I've heard of yet and in my opinion totally nuts.

The diet involves being fed a low-calorie protein nutrient blend through a nasal drip and not eating any food at all!

It works because it's less than 1000 calories so your body naturally goes into ketosis which suppresses appetite and encourages fat burning, but at these low calorie levels muscles also get broken down.

I can understand the motivation behind short-term pre wedding dieting - all women want to look their thinnest on the day they'll be incessantly photographed - but this is just too extreme and won't establish healthy eating habits for the future.

What worries me is that the quest to be slim so often seems to overshadow the quest for health - anyone prioritising their health would not choose to be fed this way and anyone considering a diet regime should make sure it's based around healthy foods. Then the benefits will be more long-term both in terms of weight and in terms of health.


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