Sunday, 13 May 2012

Fancy a shog?

Inspired by Ms Haribos idea of brogging (a jog with friends followed by brunch) I tried out a new exercise concept this weekend ... Shogging.

That's not a typo (although you can get a pretty good cardiovascular workout in the bedroom!), shogging is jogging followed by shopping.

I enjoy running, but find I'm much more motivated to do it if it get's me somewhere, for example to work. Which works on a weekday, but not on the weekend.

So on saturday, finding myself not motivated enough to go for a circular run, but also not feeling lazy enough to drive to the shops, I decided to combine the two and did a 30minute run to the shops and took the bus back with my groceries.

This might not work if you're going clothes shopping (I'm sure top shop don't want you trying on their clothes without showering first!), but doing food, homeware or other general shopping in your sports gear really isn't that unacceptable these days and you can actually get quite far in a 30minute jog. Plus you can get further if you're just running in one direction so you can explore unfamiliar territory.
Next time I might run to borough market and reward myself with a tasty treat from one of their stalls, or run up the canal to victoria park and refuel with an ice lolly!

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