Monday, 28 May 2012

Hail Ceasar!

Not forgetting my recent promise to give more practical tips, it's time to suggest another healthy habit and this one is on eating out.

I don't eat out that often so usually treat it as a treat meal* and order what I most like the look of. However eating out is a pretty regular occurrence in the city both with social and work dining and can leave you feeling stodgy and unhealthy.

So whilst the suns out and roast rack of lamb just doesn't appeal it's time to get into the salad habit.

Ordering a salad for your main course used to be the domain of only the strictest dieters, but these days restaurants have become a lot more creative and offer much more in terms of variety and flavour. I recently enjoyed a delicious yellow beetroot salad, and have also had some highly satisfying nicoise salads with fresh
tuna steaks just seared around the city.

Salads are usually the lightest choices in terms of calories and fats (order fish or seafood salads over meat), and usually much higher in veg content to other mains so can seriously help reduce the damage of regularly eating out. Plus in the summer a cooling salad won't leave you uncomfortably sweaty whilst trying to come across as suave and sophisticated to your date.

If you're feeling deprived you can order a less healthy starter for a little plate of deliciousness to satisfy your palate - plus we all know that starters are usually tastier than mains**.

*Having read Ms Haribos recent Grazia I was delighted to learn that popstar
Rhianna has a similar dieting ethos - having one treat day every week to keep her 'happy' and the rest of the time following a diet rich in wholegrains, fruit, vegetables and healthy nuts. Snaps to her for setting a good example.

**if you didn't know this already you will quickly realise it's true!

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