Thursday, 31 May 2012

A royal recharge

Thanks to her majesty the queen, us city folk get a four day weekend this weekend providing a much needed break.

Anyone working in financial markets will be growing weary of the ongoing euro turmoil and endless speculation as to the outcome for Greece. Whilst it's all a pretty worrying prospect, I think we should all switch off this weekend and forget all about the ongoing turmoil.

Obviously some of you will need to stay tuned in, incase it all kicks off, but for anyone who can I recommend a four day technology detox - no tv, no laptop, no emailing, and no browsing the web on your phone. Calls and texts are fine as long as they're with people you like or preferably just to arrange meeting up. Preferably don't even pickup a newspaper and just make having fun and relaxing your priority for the next few days.

Back when old queenie was coronated there were no mobile phones or internet, let alone facebook. Friendships were maintained in person and boredom filled through activity not surfing the internet or watching reality tv.

Face to face socializing and getting some fresh air are both great for the body and mind. Whilst electronic gadgets can sap your energy, these activities can renew you and leave you feeling refreshed and upbeat.

So fill your weekend with friends and fun. Go to a street party, visit your friends, have a couple of proper lie ins, enjoy a Sunday and Monday night evening out, or take the opportunity to get away from the city altogether and enjoy the great outdoors.

Call your friends to make your plans and then turn off the blackberry and enjoy a technology free jubilee!

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