Sunday, 27 May 2012

The ad test

Watching some Sunday evening tv I once again am aware of what absolute rubbish most advertising is. How it influences people to buy even half the stuff is beyond me.

What also struck me was how none of the food advertised is anything I'd actually recommend to anyone. Most tv advertised foods are highly artificial and highly processed ... Fast food sandwiches, flavoured sugary yoghurts, chocolate biscuits, ice cream ... basically junk that the body doesn't appreciate.

Healthy unprocessed wholefoods just don't make companies that much money so no one ever advertises them ... have you ever seen an advert for brown rice or fresh vegetables?

Despite my scepticism, advertising obviously does work because of all the money thrown at it, so given all the junk food advertising it's no surprise that britain has an obesity problem and rising rates of diabetes and heart disease.

Even when you're having a treat such as a dessert or some cookies, the best ones in health and usually in taste are homemade, not the ones you buy in a packet in a shop. If something can last in your cupboards for months think of it as a dead food, it's not going to be health giving.

If you're not a dab hand in the kitchen, then at least buy fresh goodies that have an expiry date of under a week and remember ... if a food is advertised on the tv it's probably not good for you!

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