Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sunshine socializing

What a beautiful evening - I walked home along the river to make the most of it and everyone seemed to be out enjoying the sunshine.

I saw loads of joggers, cyclists, kids, on scooters, a few kickabouts going on in the park and some people just chilling out with friends in the sunshine.

Getting outdoors is so good for us and something city folk don't do enough of. Firstly, if you avoid the roads, it gets some fresh air into your lungs, secondly it gives our skin a chance to manufacture some much needed vitamin D and finally it's just much more fun than being in the gym or vegging on the sofa, especially if you can involve your friends.

Social interactions are good for the body and mind and we all spend too much time at work and not enough time with our friends - so whilst the suns out take the chance to combine the two - go for a jog with your friends in the sunshine, meetup for some rounders or a kickabout in the park. Even if you just want to meetup for a gossip combine it with a stroll around the park to get some fresh air.

I'm hoping I haven't tempted fate with this blog, but the weather forecast is for a hot sunny weekend so maybe it's time to make some outdoor plans for the weekend.

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