Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Getting the edge

I spent this evening catching up with good friend Mr Paleo, the one friend who I can talk to endlessly about nutrition without him being bored to tears!

As usual our conversation covered numerous and unrelated topics including how to optimize brain function though taking supplements.

In my opinion most people out there are not experiencing their full intelligence due to poor nutrition and lifestyle. All of the following can dramatically impair your cognitive function: drinking alcohol, smoking, eating refined sugars and carbohydrates, caffeine, lack of sleep.

Like a computer that's memory is being used up by lots of applications, your brain may literally be operating slowly due to your diet. However a lot of people will never be aware of this so won't reach their full brain potential.

To be fair these people might not even have jobs where being quick witted is that important. However if you're a professional poker player like Mr Paleo then being able to make quick decisions and hold your concentration is actually really important.

Obviously a good, clean diet and plenty of water are a necessary basis, but if you want to use supplements to maximize your mental ability then B vitamins, essential fats and antioxidants (the key ones for me being coq10 and resveratrol) are my top picks to give you the edge.

How can you tell if they're working? Take them for a month and test your reflexes, memory and mental arithmetic before and after and see if they've improved .. or maybe just try your hand at poker!

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