Monday, 14 May 2012

Pepping things up

Due to the variety of ways you can follow this blog it is sadly not possible for me to know exactly how many people are reading it and where you all are.

I do however know that there are a fair few of you based on the feedback I get, both over e-mail and from those of you I know in person who give me much appreciated encouragement.

When I started this blog it was with the simple intention of spreading the word on how fundamental food is to your health and to encourage healthy habits in others, and if just one of you has become healthier as a result of my writing then it's worth the effort.

Which is why I'm always delighted to receive feedback or questions you'd like answered, just email them to me at

Some excellent feedback I had recently from a friend and reader was that not all of you will total health geeks, and so some of my stricter regimes and fine tuning will be wasted on you - no one goes from eating steak and chips to salmon and vegetables in a day - so could I give some more simple tips and tricks that anyone can follow?

Of course I'm happy to oblige and will be making an effort to include these in the blog periodically.

So today's tip is a really simple one - for any food that you add salt to (or buy in a restaurant - it will already have salt added), also always add freshly ground pepper. Why?

Black pepper has been found to enhance nutrient absorption from your meal and improve blood sugar and lipid levels. On top of this new research now suggests it helps block the formation of new fat cells, a good reason for most of us!

It also adds flavour and therefore is a good way to reduce your salt intake - season your food with pepper first and then add a little less salt than usual to taste, after a while you might even be happy with just pepper, reducing your sodium intake which is also beneficial.

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