Sunday, 1 July 2012

Welcome home

Two weekends away from home on the trot and I find myself feeling pretty tired and ready for a very early night!

We all need some proper downtime and whilst getting away from London may seem like a good way to do it, travelling can really take it out of you and leave you starting the week exhausted. It's even worse if you're coming back from a different time zone and have jet lag to contend with.

But there is a way to avoid starting the week wiped out after you've been away.

Firstly aim to get home 3 hours before your usual bed time - getting late flights/trains might be cheaper but will leave you sleep deprived and quickly kill the post holiday feel good factor.

Pickup some very easy to prepare food on the way home, preferably vegetarian/dairy free as this will be easy to digest before you go to sleep (I had a dinner of steamed veg with new potatoes and fruit salad). Most airports have an m+s simply food where healthy ready prepared veg are easily available.

When you get home don't worry about unpacking and sorting your luggage, just unpack the essentials and then cook dinner whilst drinking plenty of water (travel is always dehydrating). Any non-essential tasks can wait til Monday night.

After dinner do the minimum prep you need for work the next day whilst running a bath - check you have a clean ironed outfit and get your handbag together.

Have a 15 minute soak in the tub to make yourself feel fresh again and at the same time super relaxed. Pop on some clean PJs.

By this point you'll probably feel ready for bed and by all means hit the sack, if you're not quite ready then chill on the sofa with a cup of herbal tea and maybe watch tv (but limit it to 30Mins of something relaxing/funny).

You should be aiming to go to bed an hour before your usual bedtime, so check the clock and make sure you get your early night. It's a good policy for every sunday if you can manage it as an extra hour can make the difference between feeling fresh or frazzled on Monday morning!


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