Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Excuses excuses

Apparently there's a heat wave in New York right now, but here it still feels like Autumn. Still in a summery spirit a colleague bought the desk a round of ice creams this afternoon.

I felt bad turning down the Magnum he offered me, given that I really appreciated the sentiment, but at the same time the sugar/lactose combination is a total nightmare for my sensitive digestive system so I eat ice cream very rarely.

Still even if you don't have an intolerance, saying you do can be a great way to resist peer pressure when other are trying to push unhealthy foods on you and is much harder to argue with than 'I want to eat healthily' or 'I'm on a diet'.

Here are my top get outs when declining unhealthy treats:

I'm lactose intolerant - gets you out of ice cream, cheese and anything with cream in it.

I'm wheat intolerant - gets you out of cakes, biscuits and pizza

I'm detoxing til Friday - gets you out of most unhealthy foods and drinks including caffeine, alcohol and anything with sugar in it. The short time frame makes the goal seem close enough for you not to cave easily under pressure

I'm driving - permanent excuse for not drinking alcohol, if you don't have a car say you're on antibiotics - most people won't want more details at that point!

It gives me migraines - easy excuse for no cheese, alcohol, caffeine or cocoa, but don't then be seen eating these at your desk two weeks later!

If all else fails accept the food, put it on your desk, say you're saving it for later and then throw it away when no ones looking. Although don't do that with ice cream - you'll end up with a melted mess on your desk!

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