Monday, 2 July 2012

Green goodness

With the weather as offensively bad as it is right now, I find myself eating much more cooked food and much less salads that usual.  Eating your veg raw can have big benefits in terms of the level of nutrients you can get from the food but also the raw enzymes and water content that you get from them.

However frankly right now lettuce just doesn't appeal and I found myself ordering a delicious vegetarian shepherds pie on a recent visit to the pub instead of a salad.

However even if you can't face a whole bowl of salad, green salad leaves are extremely beneficial in terms of chlorophyll, mineral, antioxidant and fibre levels so you should make sure you incorporate them daily.  For me this means:

- adding rocket or watercress to sandwiches or wraps -they add a tasty kick to any filling and are alot more nutritious and tasty than iceberg.

- adding any leafy green to soup just at the end of cooking so it has a couple of minutes to wilt and then blending it immediately

- Stirring a handful of torn spinach leaves into any pasta dish I'm having just when I've finished cooking it

- Putting spinach through the juicer with some carrots and apples for a weekend breakfast juice
-blending up a power smoothie of banana, protein powder, water and a big handful of spinach - the banana makes it totally delicious and not at all spinachy!
-if I can't be bothered dto make one myself grabbing a green goddess juice at Crussh for a green top up

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