Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Disaster recovery

As part of my day job I have to make sure our disaster recovery systems are all in place and setup so that if some disaster befalls us and we can't use our main office.

This is critical to keep the show on the road, but got me thinking about what we should have in place to keep ourselves on the road in the face of our own health disasters!

Disaster: We all have times when we fall off the food wagon or go crazy at the buffet table and get home feeling bloated and sluggish.
What you need:
Lots of water (either bottled or filtered)
Fruit and veg (keep a stock of these in the freezer so you never run out)
What to do:
Firstly drink lots of water - this will help your liver process/detox all the cr@p you've eaten! And if you're still on a splurge will also stop a binge in it's tracks. 
Once you're properly hydrated don't eat again until you have a proper appetite - that could be some time! 
If you can face it go for a jog to burn off some of the calories.
When your appetite comes back (this could be the next day) eat a detox friendly meal of purely fruit/veg to mitigate the damage and get you back onto healthy foods.

Disaster: you wake up horribly hungover but need to get yourself to work.
You need: water, fruit, fruit smoothie
What to do: drink a big glass of water, have a shower to wake yourself up and wash off any alcohol sweat!  Have another glass of water and eat a piece of fruit if you're hungry (if you're not then just have a glass of fruit juice).
Head to work and buy a big bottle of fruit smoothie - sip it throughout the morning alternating with plenty more water. Have a low GI carb rich lunch with some brown rice or new or sweet potatoes or pasta and fresh salad. Follow with a green tea if you start flagging and have another one if you need it to get you to home wime.

Disaster: you've burnt the candle at both ends and feel exhausted and run down but have a full day at work
You need: B vitamins, a fresh fruit smoothie (I love Prets vitamin volcano for this), oat cakes spread with nut butter or low-fat cheese or hummous and a lime
What to do:
You need to ttake in as many vitamins as you can to compensate for the lack of sleep whilst snacking on wholegrain snacks with protein to keep energy levels up. Start your day with a fruit smoothie (preferably with some protein powder) and take a B complex. Eat little and often snacking on oat cakes or rye crackerbreads with some protein. Also drink plenty of water and squeeze the juice of half a lime into a cup with your breakfast and lunch for a vitamin C fix. 
Sleep as soon as possible, if you're really struggling you might want to try and grab a twenty minute cat nap either at the gym or in your first aid room during the day, otherwise have as early a night as possible - there's nothing wrong with going to bed at 8pm if that's what you need!  In this circumstance ready meals are acceptable as a quick no effort dinner, go for something clean though like an 'innocent' veg pot or an m+s steam cuisine dinner.

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