Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Olympic inspiration

The Olympics are nearly upon us, as Mayor Boris keeps reminding me as I pass through bank station, but I have to say I'm not yet that excited about it. This is mainly as I don't have any tickets to the events, but maybe when I've seen the cows doing their business in front of the Queen during the opening ceremony from the comfort of my living room I may feel differently.

I am actually very happy the Olympics are coming to the UK, but was disappointed to read in an article in this weeks Economist that hosting the games has not been proven to increase in physical activity in the host nations in the long term.

To be honest seeing the impressive physiques of the athletes should be more than enough inspiration for most of us to do more sport. I've already taken Olympic inspiration to vary my activity by taking up tennis and going dinghy sailing. In addition - as Bank station becomes unbearably full - I'll be running to work and walking home whilst the Olympics is on.

Obviously we're not all going to take up clay pigeon shooting and rhythmic gymnastics, but lots of Olympic sports are very accessible so whilst you're enjoying being a spectator and eyeing up the enviable abs of those taking part have a think if there are any Olympic sports you might enjoy and give them a try.

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