Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sometimes its the simple things....

Well what a fantastic weekend of sunshine! I hope everyone has been enjoying the rays and the happy mood they bring....

When warmer weather like this comes out of the blue though, we should be even more aware of keeping hydrated whilst we are out and about making the most if the day...

One way to start the day hydrated and clear headed is the simple ritual of lemon in hot water. I make sure I have half a lemon squeezed into a large mug of hot water as my first drink of the day. (Put some cold in it so you can drink straight away if you are time restricted).

Not only does the lemon contain vitamin c for immunity and potassium for nerve function, with the warm water it will also help to lubricate the intestinal tract and encourage morning peristalsis in the gut.

Even though the lemon is acidic, once inside the body it actually has an alkalising effect. An alkaline body is a very important element in building health and wellbeing. There is also research into how the alkaline body seems to loose weight easier than the acidic body. Apparently the pectin fibre of the lemon can also help curb cravings.

Making this part of your day will start you off hydrated, and normally by starting the day well people tend to make better choices during the rest of the day. I know that is true for me - mostly :o).

Even if the sun goes in, this sunshine in a cup is a super simple, cheap and effective way to start your day...may the sun keep his hat on for a while longer though!

Zen Dog

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