Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Making things easy

I appreciate that changing your diet can take some effort and that most of us are creatures of habit so trying to break unhealthy habits can be pretty challenging.

Most nutritional therapists will tell you that you should always start with changes in your diet rather than relying on supplements, but when you're struggling to make healthy changes actually laying some ground work with some supplements can make it so much easier to make changes.

My favourite example of this is Chromium which you can get as a liquid supplement. Just taking one drop in water with your breakfast (basically zero effort) can reduce sugar cravings sugar for the rest of the day, so instead of having to put a lot of pshycological effort into resisting the temptations of the vending machine you may find that you don't even feel like eating anything sweet for your mid-afternoon snack.

If there's some area you're struggling with it's always worth seeing if there's an easy way to deal with it, another example is that if you crave fatty foods then start your day with a high dose essential fat supplement or pour some olive oil onto your salad or pasta and you might find these healthy fats are enough to stop your cravings.

It's popular to think being healthy is hard work ... but it doesn't have to be.

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