Monday, 9 July 2012

Wimbledon wobble

Watching women's wimbledon these days is enough to make most ladies feel a bit out of shape, especially with the stream of leggy blond Russians who somehow manage to look elegant whilst packing a real punch.

So when I watched a recent game I was surprised to see that beneath her tennis whites Russian player Kvitova had a bit of a muffin top.

Obviously this was relative, if I stood next to her I'd probably feel fairly fat, but it's still rare to see any spare fat in professional sports people given their determination to do anything they can to win.  

That being said it is easy when doing a very high amount of sport to use that as an excuse to either over-eat or eat lots of sugary foods in the interest of taking in enough calories, or to 'reward' yourself for your efforts.  

However even Serena Williams doesn't eat chocolate during a tournament and I'm sure she burns off a lot of energy!  

Certainly you'll need more calories but you should get these from naturally good sources such as wholegrains, fresh and dried fruits and nuts. Sugar and recovery drinks should be saved for during and immediately post exercise to maximise performance and recovery.

Thankfully most of us don't have to wear lycra to work so we can get away with a bit of a muffin!

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