Thursday, 28 June 2012

Naturally good for you

Having slightly fallen off the wagon at the weekend, and feeling the effects, I'm back on my detox avoiding gluten, dairy, caffeine, meat, seafood, fish, sugar and artificial additives as well as added salt.

If this makes it sound tricky to choose what to eat there is an easy way to think about it - which is to eat food in as natural a form as possible.

For example, a boiled new potato looks the same as a potato pulled out the ground and is the healthiest option. A crisp looks much less like this, but if it's a kettle chip may still look potatoesque. A potato smilie looks nothing like a potato and is the least healthy.

Even if you're not on a detox, choosing your food in the form closest to what it looks like in nature will mean you are also choosing it in it's most nutritious and healthy form, and missing out on lots of added anti-nutrients such as sugar and additives.

So next time you go food shopping ask yourself how close to it's natural form each item is ... Fresh fruit, veg and wholegrains as well as unprocessed fish should all pass the test, whilst chicken nuggets, biscuits and ice cream should all fail!

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