Monday, 18 June 2012

A blip but not a blow out

Over the weekend the detox got somewhat derailed courtesy of some detox unfriendly eating out ...  I didn't go totally crazy but there were some eggs, fish and a wee bit of chocolate, plus I didn't drink enough water.  Interestingly I did feel more tired as a result and today was keen to get back on the wagon with lots of brown rice, fruit, veg and nuts.

The key with any kind of blip is to not let it turn into a blow out.  For me this just means adding an extra day onto the end of my detox to compensate and then not worrying about it, rather than using it as an excuse to have a full on blow out.

I know I'm also going to have another difficult day this week when I'll be at a social event where I can't be so picky on the catering. In this situation I recommend making the healthiest choice given what you're presented with, enjoy what you're eating and being comfortable with the fact that at your next meal you'll go back to your regime.

I know the 'i'll start the diet again tomorrow' mentality can be seen as a delaying tactic, but following a regime one day at a time is much easier psychologically than telling yourself you have to do something rigidly for a whole month, and then if you break it you feel like you've failed and eat a whole tub of ice cream!   So, think of an unhealthy food you have regularly, such as caffeine, chocolate, sugar or cheese, and just for tomorrow give it up. If you want it back on Wednesday then that's fine ... but when you get there you might feel like you can live without it for another day!

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  1. Hey,
    Thanks for your comments. I just did a 7 day detox with the intention of then moving into a "clean eating"/"primal diet" type regime. But today on my back to normal diet day I found myself with serious suger cravings after eating a bite size mars bar this morning then having a fizzy drink with lunch.
    Your comments have encouraged me to have a fish and salad dinner then eat clean tomorrow. I'll see how I go, but the intention and belief that I can do it is there.
    Thank you