Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The healthy kitchen

I'm currently reorganising my kitchen, having had a good clear out and it reminded me of a few tips to share with you on keeping your cupboard contents healthy:

Give your fridge a weekly clear out throwing away anything out of date. Put your veggies on a shelf where you can see them so will remember to eat them, and use the salad drawer for jars and sauces.

Don't let foods languish in the freezer - whilst freezing preserves food brilliantly it still gradually denatures so aim to get through the contents every couple of months and periodically run down the contents, defrost it and give it a good clean.

Tins have chemicals in their linings that have been found to seep into food so try not to buy too many or keep them for months on end.

Plastics also contain harmful chemicals that can leach into food, especially in the heat, so keep all plastic wrapped food and bottles of liquid out of direct light.

Oils are highly sensitive to heat and light which damages them so they become harmful. Therefore they should not be kept next to the hob or in daylight. Keep them in a cool cupboard, not adjacent to your oven. The same applies to nuts, seeds, herbs and spices which should also be kept away from the heat.

Keep your juicer and steamer out on the counter. I actually like clear worktops buy if your cooking equipment is jammed in the back of your cupboard you're not going to use it so keep the healthy equipment out on display and hide the doughnut maker somewhere hard to access!

The same philosophy applies to unhealthy foods - keep the biscuits and sweets in a hard to reach spot (for me the top shelf is totally out of reach) so you have to make an effort to get to them, rather than absent mindedly dipping into the cookie jar.

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