Monday, 11 June 2012

Detox diary room

Hello big brother!
Day 1 of the detox is complete and it went pretty much as I'd expect.

Breakfast was a fruit smoothie with added rice protein powder (whey should be avoided during detox) plus a homemade gluten and sugar free strawberry muffin.

I had a busy morning and by mid morning had developed a big thirst - not unusual on a detox - so drank plenty of water.

I had a mid morning snack of a couple of rice cakes with hummous plus some more water and by 1pm I had a mild headache. These are unusual to me but very usual in a detox so for once this was a good sign. I had a Yogi detox herbal tea and went for a 20minute brisk walk before having a lunch of mixed salad with rice and pulses.

Exercise can really help during a detox as your lymphatic drainage system, which takes toxins from your cells to your liver, works through muscle contractions. That's why yoga, gentle cardio or anything that gets your muscles moving can help make your detox more effective and help get you through the initial withdrawal symptoms.

After lunch my headache had passed and I just drank water for the rest of the afternoon. I stopped off at tesco for some organic veggies on the way home and had a nice big bowl of broccoli, mushroom and cashew stir fry with garlic and ginger for dinner. The detox I'm following also avoids salt so I skipped the soy sauce and had organic basmati rice cooked with half coconut milk and half water to make it nice and creamy.

Eating organic fruit and veg is always preferable for health but especially so during a detox as you want to absolutely minimize your toxin intake to give your liver the best chance to clear out any you've got stored in fat cells. This is why I recommend eating organically if you want to reduce cellulite, along with avoiding meat and dairy produce.

Once my dinner digested I had plenty of water again to aid my liver in detoxing overnight.

The important thing to remember early on in a detox is that feeling tired, foggy, headachy and sometimes a bit grumpy are all good signs that the process is working, as is experiencing cravings for toxic foods - you need to take heart in these symptoms and use them as motivation to keep going. Once you're through to the other side you'll feel so well and full of beans that it will be encouragement enough to keep on detoxing!

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