Thursday, 14 June 2012

Being less prepared

Dieting and eating out can be a stressful combination, whether you're weight watching, avoiding certain foods or detoxing, like me.

My usual approach, as with most things in life, is to be prepared and agree the restaurant in advance before scouring the menu online to work out the best meal option.

This appeals to my inner control freak, however I do think I need to let go, and so in that spirit I embraced a laast minute restaurant decision and found myself at le pain quotidien for dinner and a girly catch-up.

Being a French boulangerie, you wouldn't think this would be the place to eat when detoxing, more likely to serve a croissant than a crudite. Still it took all of about 10 seconds to spot the perfect detox dinner choice - a delicious mix of quinoa and steamed veg with a tomato and mustard sauce, that I would enjoy whether I was on a detox or not.

I have to admit this was a positive surprise and will make me more open minded in trying restaurants I've previously discounted as not me friendly.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, see it as a learning opportunity, take your time to review the menu and see what fits in with your regime/diet requirements, then out of those options choose what appeals to you the most. You could discover a new favourite dish!

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