Monday, 25 June 2012

Muddy music

Greetings from the Isle of Wight festival! I type this ankle deep in mud, in leaky wellies (sorry mum I'll buy you a new pair)! But having a great time :-)

Despite horrendous showers overnight and the resulting swamp, it's actually been a pretty sunny experience with plenty of opportunities to nap in the sun between acts.

As well as napping, dancing and enjoying the music (who knew that hip hop rock was so good - check out Clement Marfo) I've also done my usual reckie of the food stands.

The usual unhealthy festival fair is available, but with some welcome new additions.

The Jamie Oliver tent got me all excited, but actually it was just roast meat sarnies so not me friendly. There was a dedicated vegan + veggie tent but after previous experiences with bland falafel we gave it a miss - still worth noting they sell dairy free hot drinks.

New additions worth a try were the risotto tent (dairy free for the allergic/intolerant) and 'coffee and cake' for their gluten free lemon polenta cupcakes (or dairy free banana and cinnamon).

However first place by a mile goes to Wagamamas for not just bringing their yummy food to festival but also their brilliant mini dance tent.

Once you've eaten your festival fair make sure you do some exercise to burn it off, although not straight after - vigorous dancing immediately after eating yasai katsu curry was not a good combination.

Obviously dancing and leaping around like a carefree hippy are the obvious choices but you can also head to the recharge zone and get peddling to recharge your iphone. I can also recommend mud wading as a good resistance thigh workout!

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